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Instability in the global energy market has sparked a renewed interest in nuclear power but the lack of viable spent fuel disposal solutions is preventing the return on those investments.

Advanced disposal technology is the surest path to enabling a real nuclear future.

  • US now investing in back-end R&D
  • EU green investment requires disposal
  • Parts of Asia and the Middle East are rapidly scaling conventional nuclear

Legacy waste market of $667B

Exponential energy demands to increase by 50% through 2050

Critical climate action that meets COP26 targets

Deep Isolation is at the forefront of
advanced nuclear disposal tech.

Feasibility contracts signed
Partnerships with leading global organizations
Notices of invention
Raised to date
Addressable backlog opportunity

A socially responsible investment with
high-value returns.

Defining a private sector approach to solving a global challenge means working in partnership with governments and industry to innovate where governments can’t and industry won’t.

We invite you to take a closer look.

  • IP-protected
  • Scalable operating model
  • Designed for rapid contract adoption with government programs
  • ROI many times greater than the best performers in this sector

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Directional borehole disposal offers deep isolation for nuclear waste.
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Deep Isolation offers the only solution to isolate nuclear waste in boreholes deep underground.

  • Corrosion-resistant canisters containing spent nuclear fuel are placed into borehole repositories underground for deep isolation
  • Uses directional drilling technology to drill into rock that has remained isolated from the environment for millions of years
  • Leverages mature technologies widely used in industry and enhanced with our own patented innovations
  • Proven and unique approach to stakeholder and community engagement

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