Spent Fuel, UxC, February 07, 2020

Election-year Reversal as Trump Tweets Opposition to Yucca Mountain

Spent Fuel

[This link is behind a pay-wall ] How the president intends to find a long lasting solution to this task remains to be seen, but Elizabeth Muller, CEO of Deep Isolation, a nuclear waste disposal startup company based in Silicon Valley, said her company could be part of the solution: “Innovative approaches can absolutely help solve the nuclear waste problem. As a start-up, Deep Isolation is innovating with technology, business methods, and our approach to working with environmental groups and other stakeholders. We have raised $14 million of private investment to date, and have just recently kicked off our Series A, which we hope to close in the next few months.” (SpentFUEL No. 1213 June 1, 2018 has an explanation of Deep Isolation’s borehole technology.)