In a market worth half a trillion USD, Deep Isolation offers companies across the globe a number of unique, high-value opportunities to license, sell and implement the only patented deep geologic drillhole disposal solution.

Partner with Deep Isolation to become the first to bring this safe and profitable disposal solution to your country.

How it Works

We license and provide access to our solution

We work with you on pre-sales

We help build your delivery capability

We give you access to our supply chain

We provide full QA and support

Why Partner with Us

A very high-value market

The global nuclear waste disposal market is worth more than 500 billion USD.

A first-to-market solution

Our solution is safe, cost-efficient and locally deployable in a small footprint.


We offer multiple partner models and attractive compensation plans.

Partner Types

We are looking for partners with expertise in radioactive waste management and oilfield services & equipment to license, sell and deliver the Deep Isolation solution in countries around the world. 

Partnership opportunities are available for:


Sells Deep Isolation’s solution to end-use customers.


Sells and implements Deep Isolation’s solution to end-users using our supply chain and Integrator’s own partner suppliers.


Sells and implements Deep Isolation’s solution to end-users using Deliverer’s own partner suppliers.