Nuclear Waste Disposal Solutions

Reduce the liability of growing nuclear waste inventories

We work with government waste management programs to design and develop a directional borehole disposal solution that meets strict safety standards alongside local community preferences. We tailor the concept to the waste form, available geology options and specific needs such as footprint allowances.

Solution Roadmap

Directional Borehole Disposal

Our advanced nuclear technology for geologic disposal of long-lived nuclear waste consists of borehole repositories directionally drilled deep into suitable host rocks using:

  • standard drilling methods
  • site characterization techniques to ensure geologic isolation
  • patented canister technology to transport and manage fuel assemblies

Directional borehole disposal can provide robust and deep isolation for many types of radioactive waste, expanded location options for repositories as well as modular implementation adaptable to specific waste management programs and inventories.

Our Technology

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Partnering with communities

Protecting human health and the environment is our first priority.

Building consensus by engaging stakeholders early and often ensures that a nuclear waste facility is aligned with community values and preferences.


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Protecting human health and the environment is our first priority.

“Beyond Fear: How to Talk About Nuclear Waste,” with Tay Stevenson, CEO of Envoy Public Labs.

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Mission-driven expertise to dispose of nuclear waste in the safest possible manner.

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Deep Isolation answers frequently asked questions about our technology, our process, and safety.

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