Deep Isolation has developed an innovative solution to address the critical national challenge of how to safely dispose of nuclear waste.

Our first priority is protecting human health and the environment and we are committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.  Equally important is how we go about our work: we are committed to earning your trust and support through a dedicated effort of engagement and dialogue.

Genuine Community Partnership for Better Outcomes

Our model of community partnership is built around a shared understanding of nuclear waste management. We work with all stakeholders and interested members of the public to create this partnership and build lasting relationships.

We are committed to:

  • A successful outcome, one that can be achieved through listening, transparency, and accessibility.
  • Engaging in detailed, public discussions on the design and scope of our proposed solution.
  • Providing thoughtful responses to the ideas, concerns and information received from interested parties.

Community meeting

Hosting a Deep Isolation Solution

We believe that hosting a Deep Isolation facility provides environmental, safety and economic benefits to a willing and informed host community.

A successful Deep Isolation facility will require these 3 key components are fully realized:

Geology / Geography

  • The site is located within a suitable geologic environment.
  • The site is not subject to cultural restrictions or significant subsurface resource extraction.  
  • It must be shown that pore water at depth has been isolated from the environment for at least 1,000,000 years.

Community Value

  • The decision to host a Deep Isolation facility is voluntary and resides with the host community.
  • The community believes it will be better off for hosting a Deep Isolation facility.
  • The benefits or compensation associated with hosting a Deep Isolation facility will be successfully negotiated with the host community.

Regulatory Rigor

  • Local support, in conjunction with technical submittals needed to secure necessary approvals, is maintained throughout the life of the facility.
Venn diagram of community value, regulatory rigor, and geology/geography.

A member of Deep Isolation presents safety performance of deep horizontal drillhole repository


Safety in Depth Part 2: Sealing of a Deep Horizontal Borehole Repository for Nuclear Waste

Deep Isolation shares the results and findings from its analysis.


Facility Hosting Engagement

Over the past months, we have received several inquiries from interested parties seeking to engage with us on the hosting of a Deep Isolation facility for the deep geologic storage and/or disposal of nuclear waste.

We are encouraged by this response and are planning to advance a series of broader discussions on hosting a Deep Isolation facility in the near future.

If you wish to join this conversation, please tell us a little about yourself.
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Deep Isolation will maintain the information that you have provided in confidence and will not disclose it to any third party. Except for this confidentiality obligation, neither you nor Deep Isolation will have any obligations with respect to evaluating or selecting, or the hosting of any Deep Isolation facility at, any site unless we enter into an agreement that sets forth such obligations.

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