Why Deep Isolation?

“This is a technology that could prove important, not only in the US, but around the world.”

- Steven Chu, Former US Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate

Deep Isolation understands that technology alone won’t solve the nuclear waste disposal challenge. Our scientific and nuclear engineers work alongside both our stakeholder engagement experts and industry partners to successfully deliver an environmentally protective solution.


Environmentally Protective

Deep Isolation’s method places nuclear waste deep underground where its isolation can be tested and verified for safety and longevity.

  • Testing of the types of rock above the waste can be used to show the natural safety barrier will isolate the waste for millions of years.
  • Brine found deep underground can be tested to show it hasn’t moved in thousands to millions of years without a path to flow to the surface.

Safety Calculations

Collaboration & Engagement

Deep Isolation seeks opportunities to engage with the public and stakeholders in order to explore collaborative solutions. As such, we are committed to a process that is built upon these primary activities:

  • Actively solicit input from all parties.
  • Utilize discussions with external parties as a means to learn, share information and problem-solve.
  • Integrate input into Deep Isolation design when possible and if not provide the rationale.
  • Prioritize and conduct stakeholder engagement as an integrated part in all the work we do.
Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Deep Isolation ensures global delivery capability through best-of-breed partnerships with industry leaders like Bechtel.

  • Engineering, construction, and drilling
  • Project management
  • Material handling
  • Safety procedures
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Capability Ecosystem

Proven Technology

Deep Isolation applies proven methods to ensure safety and security.

  • Demonstrated engineered barrier system and retrieval design
  • Patented radioisotope dating methods for site characterization
  • Waste canisters made of highly corrosion-resistant alloy
  • Canister placement and engineered seal to block pathways to the surface



Scientific and Industry Expertise

An acclaimed team of engineers, geologists, subject matter experts, advisors, and extended community of independent reviewers.

  • MacArthur “Genius” and Bloomberg “Innovative Thinker”
  • Government & Community Liaison for the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC)
  • 2 Nobel Laureates
  • Former US Secretary of Energy

Recognition and Accolades

Our Accolades

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