Deep Isolation CEO Elizabeth Muller

Blog by Liz Muller, Nov. 18, 2020

Nuclear Waste Needs to be Part of Climate Change Discussion

As CEO of the nuclear waste disposal company Deep Isolation, my main focus is using innovation to solve the decades-old problem of what to do with nuclear waste. But finding solutions to the world’s toughest environmental problems is also reflected in my work with Berkeley Earth, a nonprofit that’s a widely respected source of independent

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Dr. Thomas Webler

Blog by Deep Isolation Staff, Aug. 10, 2020

Social Scientist Explains Community Consent

One reason why governments worldwide struggle with implementing a permanent nuclear waste disposal solution is that they don’t adequately engage affected communities, most of which don’t want it in their backyards. In a recent episode of Deep Isolation’s podcast, Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story, social scientist Dr. Thomas Webler discusses the challenges of reaching community

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James Taylor of Bechtel

Blog by Deep Isolation Staff, July 13, 2020

Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage Costs Keep Rising

In our fourth episode of Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story we delve deeper into the downside of not having a permanent storage solution for nuclear waste. Our guest is James Taylor, General Manager of the environmental division of Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security and Environmental global business unit. Taylor talks about the long-term costs of the interim

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Rod McCullum, NEI

Blog by Deep Isolation Staff, June 22, 2020

Waste Disposal Issues Plague Nuclear Energy Industry

In the second episode of our new podcast and vlog series, Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story, we talk to nuclear energy industry veteran and Senior Director at NEI Rod McCullum about why it’s critical that commercial nuclear power companies find a permanent disposal option. Nuclear power plants provide one-fifth of the United States’ electricity annually,

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Nuclear waste expert Arjun Makhijani.

Blog by Deep Isolation Staff, June 10, 2020

Expert Discusses Nuclear Waste Dangers and Disposal Options

We’re proud to present the debut episode of Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story, an interview with Dr. Arjun Makhijani, an electrical and nuclear engineer with decades of experience in the nuclear waste field.  We hope this series will help demystify some of the issues surrounding nuclear waste because we know it’s not something everyone understands

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New podcast/vlog logo

Blog by Zann Aeck, June 1, 2020

New Podcast-Vlog Series: Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story

“Without listening and respect there can be no solution.” — Elizabeth Muller, Deep Isolation CEO At Deep Isolation we believe that listening is one of the most important elements of creating a successful nuclear waste disposal program. A core company value is to seek out and listen to different perspectives on the matters of nuclear

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Evan Addesso

Blog by Evan Addesso, Director of Business Development, April 23, 2020

Foundation Study is a First Step to Nuclear Waste Disposal

Governments worldwide have spent decades trying to solve the problem of how to dispose of nuclear waste. Of the 31 countries that have or have had nuclear reactors, there is not a single open and operating mined repository for spent nuclear fuel, and only a handful have attained sustained progress. There are many reasons the

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Mary Woollen, Dir. of Community Engagement

Blog by Mary Woollen, April 10, 2020

Through is the Only Way Through Nuclear Waste Disposal Impasse

New safety calculations report offers a science-based starting point for a conversation about nuclear waste disposal. Robert Frost, 1954Ruohomaa/Black Star Through and Through Len says one steady pull more ought to do it. He says the best way out is always through. And I agree to that, or in so far As that I can

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