North Portal of Yucca Mountain

Blog by Rod Baltzer, COO of Deep Isolation

Viewpoint: Yucca Mountain

I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the past year about Deep Isolation and our deep, geologic horizontal drilling solution for nuclear waste.  One frequent question I hear is “what is Deep Isolation’s position on Yucca Mountain as a repository for the US”? While there has been an extensive amount of time and effort

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Blog by Joe Payer, Corrosion and Reliability Engineer

The “Right Stuff” for Nuclear Waste Disposal Canisters

The metal canisters that will hold the spent fuel or other high-level nuclear waste are part of Deep Isolation’s engineered barrier system; the canisters directly protect the waste from mechani­cal impact, exposure to the chemical environment, and contact with fluids. One of the key decisions then, to ensure the canister’s usefulness as a barrier, is

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Mary Woollen, Dir. of Community Engagement

Blog by Mary Woollen, Director of Community Engagement

Nuclear Waste. Would you like it here or there?

I would not like it Here or there. I would not like it Anywhere. Nuclear waste.  It has been with us for over six decades with nowhere to go.  The first nuclear power plants came online in the United States in the 1950s. The push at the time was to get the plants operational and

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Zann Aeck

Blog by Zann Aeck, Marketing & Communications

Nuclear waste disposal demo – keeping the dialogue open

Recently, Liz Muller and I hosted a webinar about a public equipment demonstration that Deep Isolation conducted in January.   Our intent was to both re-engage people and groups with whom we’ve already connected and at the same time reach out to those not familiar with us. In doing so our goal was to share an

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Rod Baltzer

Blog by Rod Baltzer, COO of Deep Isolation

Nuclear waste disposal demonstration – both unique and mundane

On January 16, 2019, Deep Isolation demonstrated a portion of their nuclear waste disposal technology by using standard oil and gas equipment to emplace and then retrieve a mock disposal canister.  In some ways, the demonstration was a very important milestone that shows you can dispose of nuclear waste in a deep horizontal drill hole. 

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Blog by Sam Brinton, Legislation Affairs

Update on Government Affairs this Year

This has been an exciting year for those of us working in the nuclear waste world! First and foremost, we continue to see bipartisan support and leadership to solve problems in this important and complicated policy matter. Many of us cheered the efforts by senators who earlier this spring passed the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities

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The Deep Isolation Story

Founding father-daughter team and energy experts explain the origin, merits, and value that the Deep Isolation solution brings to the nuclear waste disposal issue.

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Blog by Liz Muller, CEO

Liz’s story

Prior to forming Deep Isolation, I had never imagined myself working in the nuclear industry, let alone nuclear waste. I am a newcomer in a remarkably small field where everyone else seems to know one another. Well, now many of them already know about us. The best problems are those that most people consider unsolvable,

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