Update on Government Affairs this Year

Blog by Sam Brinton, Legislation Affairs on July 3, 2018

Update on Government Affairs this Year

This has been an exciting year for those of us working in the nuclear waste world! First and foremost, we continue to see bipartisan support and leadership to solve problems in this important and complicated policy matter. Many of us cheered the efforts by senators who earlier this spring passed the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act. The Act supports the efforts to have the NRC accept license applications from private companies for advanced nuclear reactors. It also allows the DOE to partner with such companies that so true public private partnerships can be formed in an effort to spur innovation and drive a solution that meets both the bottom line on cost and timetable. As someone who has been working on these issues for over a decade, I’m truly energized about the possibility of real solutions. It isn’t going to be easy – but the good work never is.

Deep Isolation is full steam ahead. We have brought on policy experts in all sorts of fields – siting, utility engagement, communications, and government affairs. Not to mention that we were started by true technical experts and masterminds. It’s fun to be part of the whole package.

Soon we will begin our work in communities, our goal is still “enthusiastic consent!” I know people will say it can’t be done, but just like we can prove the safety of human health and the environment in a Part 60 NRC license (which we will do!), we believe that a well educated and informed citizenry will be open to all options for proper management of this material that is currently in de facto permanent storage at sites all around the country. Did you know that 1/3 of us already live within an hour of this material right now?

Look for more blogs from me in the future! And as always, reach out at sam@deepisolation.com so we can be in touch.

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