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ABC News Radio Breakfast with Paul Culliver, October 10th, 2019

ABC News Radio – Australia

Jim Voss appeared on ABC News Radio across the north and west of South Australia during his time down under. “Deep Isolation drills vertical holes roughly one kilometer deep and then drills horizontally to store the waste.”

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Orange county Register, September 29th, 2019

Are 3-mile-deep boreholes the long-term answer for nuclear waste stalemate?

“Taxpayers bleed billions while federal government mulls what to do with millions of pounds of radioactive spent fuel. Among geologists, there are givens: Humans don’t build things that last a million years. And only the bowels of Earth itself can be trusted to swallow — forever — the radioactive nuclear waste that humans have created.”

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Liberty & Justice for All, Episode 5, September 24th, 2019

A Conversation with Sam Brinton of Deep Isolation and the Trevor Project

Jack and Pauk Talk with Sam Brinton about the economics and politics of nuclear waste. Bedies working on nuclear issues with Deep Isolation, Brinton is also the head of advocacy and government affairs at the Trevor Project where they advance policies to help LGBTQ youth in crisis.

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Las Vegas Review Journal, September 5, 2019.

Henderson forum hears company’s solution to storing nuclear waste

“This is secure, safe and backed by sound science,” Chief Operating Officer Rod Baltzer said Wednesday at a RadWaste Summit panel in Henderson. “We do think it’s time to consider alternatives,” he told conference attendees. “This is a problem that just keeps growing.”

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Radwaste Solutions Fall Issue 2019, August 27, 2019

Deep Isolation: A Path to Progress

Taking a page from Silicon Valley, the startup company Deep Isolation hopes to fast-track a new nuclear waste storage and disposal technology. A subscription is required to read this publication.

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