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NuclearNewswire, April 22, 2022

Web campaign advocates for nuclear waste solution

Deep Isolation has launched an online campaign to educate the public about nuclear waste and gain support for solving the issue to protect the environment, increase energy security, and remove a barrier to nuclear energy.

More >, April 11, 2022

The Biggest Hurdle In Nuclear Power Adoption

Nuclear energy is a promising solution to the world’s emissions conundrum. Nuclear waste, however, is quickly becoming a topic of debate. Deep Isolation is looking to tackle the problem by burying waste deep underground.

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Washington Post Logo

Washington Post, April 11, 2022

What Should America Do With Its Nuclear Waste?

New research affirms that there is growing interest worldwide in deep boreholes as an option for the disposal of nuclear Currently there are about 80 locations in 35 states where spent fuel is being stored, with no long-term plans for disposal.

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One Green Planet Logo

One Green Planet, April 7, 2022

Deep Isolation Set On Implementing the US’ First Permanent Nuclear Waste Depository

Deep Isolation was founded by Elizabeth Muller and Richard Muller, a father-daughter team in Berkeley. Their ambition is to commercialize technologies that will allow for the digging of 18-inch-diameter holes deep under the earth’s surface and develop a deep geologic repository where nuclear waste can safely be stored and lose its radioactivity over time.

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WAMC Northeast Public Radio

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, March 30, 2022

Vermont panel hears strategies to store nuclear waste in boreholes

The Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel’s Federal Nuclear Waste Policy Committee has been meeting to assess federal policies and review potential nuclear waste storage methods. During its meeting on Monday, March 28th the panel heard from Deep Isolation about its borehole technology to store such waste.

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Kyle Hill

Video, March 27, 2022

Nuclear Waste is Safer Than You Think

Kyle Hill, award-winning science education and Sci-comm advisor to the White House created a video about nuclear waste and options for its disposal, including Deep Isolation.

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