Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Release, August 30, 2021

Deep Isolation Awarded Contract to Study Deep Borehole Disposal in Slovenia

LONDON — Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste storage and disposal solutions, announced a new contract to conduct a borehole feasibility study for ARAO, Slovenia’s radioactive waste management organization. The study will examine whether a deep borehole repository could dispose of spent fuel from Slovenia’s TRIGA II research ...

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Press Release, May 4, 2021

Deep Isolation Announces Agreement with Dominion Engineering, Inc. to Cooperate in Developing Nuclear Waste Disposal Technology

Berkeley, CA – Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level nuclear waste (HLW) storage and disposal solutions, has signed a cooperative agreement with Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI), a global leader in specialized nuclear fuel services and technology, with a focus on inspection and maintenance equipment that ensures safety and integrity ...

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Nota de Prensa, 4 de mayo de 2021

Deep Isolation anuncia un acuerdo con Dominion Engineering, Inc. para cooperar en el desarrollo de tecnología de disposición de desechos nucleares

BERKELEY, California, 4 de mayo de 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Deep Isolation, un innovador líder en soluciones de almacenamiento y disposición de combustible nuclear gastado (SNF) y desechos nucleares de alto nivel (HLW), firmó un acuerdo de cooperación con Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI), líder mundial en servicios y tecnología especializados en combustible nuclear, centrado en equipos ...

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Press Release, March 3, 2021

Deep Isolation Discusses Advanced Reactor Spent Fuel Disposal and Stakeholder Engagement at Waste Management Symposia 2021

Berkeley, CA — Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in nuclear waste storage and disposal solutions, will discuss horizontal borehole disposal as an option for spent fuel from advanced reactors at the upcoming Waste Management Symposia. Rod Baltzer, Chief Operating Officer at Deep Isolation, will present a session titled “Disposal of Radioactive Wastes from Advanced Reactors ...

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Press Release, February 1, 2021

Study: Estonia’s Geology Holds Promise for Nuclear Waste Disposal

LONDON, UK — A new Deep Isolation study commissioned by advanced reactor deployment company Fermi Energia discusses the potential suitability of areas in Estonia considered for siting a deep horizontal borehole repository for nuclear waste. This preliminary study found no fundamental geologic limitations to disposing of nuclear waste in deep horizontal boreholes and that a ...

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Press Release, November 18, 2020

Nuclear Industry Leader NAC International Leads Deep Isolation’s $20 Million Series A Raise

Berkeley, California – Deep Isolation announced today it closed its $20 million Series A raise, led by nuclear industry leader NAC International Inc. (NAC). This represents a significant industry milestone for the disposal of nuclear waste. NAC is a leading nuclear fuel cycle consulting and technology solutions company specializing in systems for the storage, transportation, ...

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Statement Release, November 18, 2020

Deep Isolation Announces Geological Readiness Contract with Fermi Energia in Estonia

Berkeley, CA – Deep Isolation EMEA Limited and Fermi Energia are collaborating on a preliminary study that will include a qualitative geological readiness assessment of Deep Isolation’s horizontal deep borehole solution in Estonia. This assessment is an initial evaluation of whether Estonia’s geology would potentially be a suitable environment for a deep borehole repository for ...

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Press Release, Monday, May 4, 2020, 2 p.m. PST

Deep Isolation Expands UK Presence to Better Serve EMEA Nuclear Waste Disposal Market

London, United Kingdom — Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in nuclear waste disposal, is expanding to better serve the more than 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) that are seeking a safe and cost-effective nuclear waste solution. The company, which has added to its EMEA team in London, just published a ...

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Press Release, Monday, April 27, 2020

Deep Isolation Awarded Contract with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Berkeley, CA – Deep Isolation, a leading innovator in nuclear waste disposal solutions, has been awarded a contract from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an independent nonprofit organization for public interest energy and environmental research. Deep Isolation will collaborate with EPRI, Southern Company, the Nuclear Energy Institute, Auburn University, and J Kessler and Associates ...

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