Deep Isolation Announces Geological Readiness Contract with Fermi Energia in Estonia

Statement Release, November 18, 2020

Deep Isolation Announces Geological Readiness Contract with Fermi Energia in Estonia

Berkeley, CA – Deep Isolation EMEA Limited and Fermi Energia are collaborating on a preliminary study that will include a qualitative geological readiness assessment of Deep Isolation’s horizontal deep borehole solution in Estonia.

This assessment is an initial evaluation of whether Estonia’s geology would potentially be a suitable environment for a deep borehole repository for spent nuclear fuel from a yet-to-be-developed small modular reactor (SMR).

Deep Isolation’s team of local and international scientists and nuclear waste disposal experts will work closely with Fermi Energia, an emerging company of nuclear and energy professionals founded in 2020 to develop and deploy SMRs, and Steiger, Estonia’s foremost geologic and drilling company.

The study will focus conceptually on two things: safety and cost-effective drilling. Safety is defined as the extent to which geology can support the isolation of radionuclides from the biosphere.

The final report is expected to be completed by early 2021.

Deep Isolation was founded in 2016 and is the first company to, through a unique public-private partnership model, offer its customers a clear path forward to dispose of nuclear waste in deep horizontal boreholes. Via relationships with industry leaders such as NAC International, Bechtel, and Schlumberger, the company is working with governments, stakeholders and organizations worldwide to study how this solution could be applied to their individual needs.

Fermi Energia aims to bring Estonia’s energy production into the 21st century by developing a modern small nuclear power plant that will ensure Estonia’s security of electricity supply in all weather, at a favorable price for electricity consumers, while meeting the country’s clean energy goals.

Having raised 20 million USD, Deep Isolation has gained traction in the industry through the release of its Safety Calculations Report; a public borehole demonstration in Texas in 2019; collaboration with partners and technical advisors; the publication of multiple technical papers; landing its first customer contracts; and receipt of a half dozen Letters of Intent from future customers.


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Deep Isolation is a leading innovator in nuclear waste storage and disposal. Founded upon values of environmental stewardship, scientific ingenuity, and social license, Deep Isolation offers a solution that leverages directional drilling technology to safely isolate nuclear waste deep underground.

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