Deep Isolation Completes Equipment Test

Statement, November 29, 2018

Deep Isolation Completes Equipment Test

Deep Isolation, Inc. performed a test of equipment, tools, and methods on November 14, 2018, to emplace a mock disposal canister into a horizontal well and retrieve it back to the surface. We performed the test at a commercial testing facility for oil and gas drilling. We used standard, off-the-shelf, tools and equipment that are common in the oil and gas drilling industry. The mock disposal canister was approximately four inches in diameter and 30 inches long with a 30-pound metal tube as the mock-waste payload. The entire package weighed approximately 83 pounds.

The test used an existing horizontal well approximately 2200 feet deep. We successfully placed the mock disposal canister over 100 feet into the horizontal section of the well. The test crew used wireline cable as the placement and retrieval technology. To fully demonstrate retrieval, operators released the mock disposal canister and returned the wireline to the surface. The crew then replaced the delivery tool at the end of the wireline with a recovery tool. Operators lowered the wireline and recovery tool into the well, latched onto the canister and returned it to the surface. There was no damage to the canister or well during this test.

Deep Isolation is proud to be the first company to place and retrieve mock disposal canisters from a deep horizontal well. We accomplished this first-of-its-kind test using standard drilling equipment and tools. We are evaluating the results and data gathered and considering additional tests and demonstrations to further develop and demonstrate Deep Isolation processes and technology for potential future placement and retrieval of nuclear waste canisters. For further information contact

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