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Deep Isolation is the only organization to offer a complete solution that enables countries to dispose of nuclear waste more quickly and at a much lower cost than traditional disposal approaches. Our demonstrated solution can be tailored to meet a jurisdiction’s regulations and local preferences.

Five Key Elements of the Deep Isolation Solution


Directional drilling techniques, canister design, and technical know-how under a supportive licensing arrangement.


Location assessment to determine which areas have suitable geology. Site characterization guidance also provided.

Community Engagement

Stakeholder and community engagement expertise to build trust, partnership, and consent, including a business model that brings benefit to communities.


Assistance on compliance with relevant laws, regulations and permits.


Safety and quality assurance support to deliver a safe solution that meets regulatory requirements.

Unmatched Benefits


Half the cost of traditional solutions.

Accelerated Deployment

Months rather than years to construct and begin emplacement.

Community Aligned

Custom solutions based on local values and preferences.

Minimal Transportation

No long-haul transport needed.

Deployable Globally

International options for multiple waste classifications.

Deep Isolation can offer the packaged solution for you.

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