Podcast Interview, August 24, 2018.

CXOTalk Interview with Liz Muller

Internationally recognized industry analyst and host of CXOTalk, Michael Krigsman interviewed Liz about Deep Isolation on August 24th.  CXOTalk is a standard in thought-provoking enterprise thought leadership is a series of podcast conversations with the most innovative and thoughtful business leaders in the world.

Interview, June 20, 2018

CEO Money interviews Liz Muller

Michael Yorba from CEO Money interviews Liz Muller about the current state of nuclear waste disposal and how Deep Isolation is using a private business model to offer an innovative, licensed, and regulated option for spent nuclear fuel.

The Energy Daily recently reported that two U.S. Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee sent a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asking whether a private entity or Department of Energy contractor could be issued an NRC license for the permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Deep Isolation was mentioned in the article and interviewed for comment on the written response provided by NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki.