A Deep Isolation licensed partnership provides access to our extensive intellectual property to plan and implement our directional borehole disposal solution.

The Deep Isolation Roadmap outlines a phased and gated framework to plan, design, and demonstrate a quality-assured borehole disposal facility that is focused on safety, performance and security.

Planning - operational processes - technology

Unique and patented technology to support the engineering systems and specifications required to site, develop, package, transfer, emplace and monitor a borehole repository

From demonstration to implementation, the Deep Isolation Roadmap provides delivery readiness through documented processes and procedures that support the lifecycle of operations through to closure and decommissioning.

We offer a flexible range of options for both government clients and commercial partners, enabling choice in how to approach this work.

Commercial License Partnerships

We are looking for partners with expertise in radioactive waste management and oilfield services and equipment to license, sell and deliver the Deep Isolation solution in countries around the world.

Deep Isolation offers partnership opportunities for:

  • Reseller
    Sells Deep Isolation’s solution to end-use customers.
  • Integrator
    Sells and implements Deep Isolation’s solution to end-users using our supply chain and partner suppliers.
  • Deliverer
    Sells and implements Deep Isolation’s solution to end-users using licensee’s own supply chain and resources.

How it works

We license and provide access to our solution

We license and provide access to our solution

pre-sales support

We work with you on pre-sales

We help build your delivery capability

We help build your delivery capability

supply chain

We give you access to our supply chain

full QA and support

We provide full QA and support

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