Partnerships for a Better Future

Deep Isolation has developed an innovative solution to address the critical challenge of how to safely dispose of nuclear waste and improve community well-being.

Safety & Support

Our first priority is protecting human health and the environment and this value frames our interactions with others. Community engagement early and often is the baseline that supports this priority with personal interactions conducted in a way that emphasizes listening, learning, collaboration, and transparency. We are committed to earning trust and maintaining it through a dedicated effort of engagement and dialogue.

Genuine Community Partnership

Our model of community partnership is built around a shared understanding of nuclear waste management and the choices that can be made to protect human health and the environment. We will work with all stakeholders and communities to create this understanding and partnership.

As a first step toward building these partnerships, we are meeting with communities who may be interested in learning more about the Deep Isolation option for nuclear waste.

At the same time, we are creating opportunities for our team of experts to learn from concerned communities and stakeholders. Whether directly or indirectly affected by the 60 nuclear waste storage sites in the country, we want to hear these thoughts.

Better Outcomes are the Future

To date, most nuclear waste facility siting efforts have failed as they followed a predictable trajectory where the opportunities for public “engagement” resembled more a perfunctory exercise than a process seeking meaningful input. The general result has been a dissatisfied and disengaged public who viewed the outreach effort as simply “going through the motions” of stakeholder engagement.

We are committed to:

  • A better outcome, one that can be achieved through listening, transparency, and accessibility.
  • Engaging in detailed, public discussions on the design and scope of our proposed solution.
  • Providing thoughtful responses to the ideas, concerns, and information received from interested parties.

We are Seeking Dialogue

Mary Woollen is one of the many experts.

I became focused on nuclear waste disposal 20 years ago when I formed an environmental group. Since this time I have worked on many sides of the issue–for the Blue Ribbon Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy. Although the perspectives may differ between these entities, the commitment to safely store and dispose of the waste does not. We can’t let another decade pass to solve the impasse of nuclear waste disposal and it will require collaboration and partnership amongst all to do so.

Mary WoollenDirector of Stakeholder Engagement

Join Mary and the other experts at Deep Isolation to help build this dialogue and partnership.