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Deep Isolation is the first company of its kind to propose a method that leverages recent advances in horizontal drilling technology to deposit nuclear waste deep underground.

The solution, developed by accomplished scientists and validated by Nobel Laureates, is both groundbreaking and cost-effective. Deep Isolation has created a new pathway for solving a vexing half-century-old challenge – how to safely dispose of the nation’s radioactive nuclear waste.

  • The design for this solution has been successfully patented.
  • The global nuclear waste disposal market is valued at $500 billion.
  • Disposal opportunities are $2 billion a year with 2,000 tons of waste generated annually. (The US currently spends $1-2 billion per year on interim storage.)

Accomplished Team of Experts

What sets Deep Isolation apart from other startups offering options in the public market is its world-class team of experts who have come together to evolve a sound concept into a viable and sellable solution that can be supported across technical, industry, and political fronts.

Deep Isolation has engaged:

  • Leading scientists and engineers with over a century of collective experience in the nuclear energy and waste fields that have been awarded honors such as MacArthur Genius, Nobel Laureate, and membership on the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future.
  • Recognized and respected experts that conducted stakeholder engagement efforts for the Blue Ribbon Commission and served a leading role in the Department of Energy (DOE) consent-based siting initiative.
  • Experienced and well-known Government Affairs advisors in the nuclear waste and political arenas that can work with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the DOE.
  • Award-winning and proven communications, development, and management professionals with a documented track record of creating and executing compelling outreach and successful business plans.
About Our Team

Competitive Edge

Deep Isolation offers a well-conceived and comprehensive intellectual property (IP) strategy that safeguards this solution for investors. Our thoughtful responses to the interests and demands of industry and community groups and our documentation to the US government all reflect its protective tenets.

Deep Isolation’s IP advantages include:

  • Four granted patents, one allowed and twenty-three more pending.
  • Scientists and specialists that continue to research, validate, and perfect options for the presently-planned methods.
  • Focused development of business partnerships with utility and energy companies.
  • Deep public and stakeholder engagement to achieve acceptance of our solution with interested communities and federal, state, and local governments and Tribes.
  • Support to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and best practices in the areas of nuclear waste and environmental health and safety standards.

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