Deep Isolation’s Elizabeth Muller on nuclear waste disposal

Liz Muller’s portion begins at 22:40. Elizabeth Muller is CEO and co-founder of Deep Isolation, who talks about her background as an environmentalist and explains why she wanted to “solve” the issue of nuclear waste disposal so that the future growth of nuclear is not held back by negative public perception of the issue. She explains the company’s deep borehole repository system and sets out likely timescales, which means there could be a disposal site up and running within the next five to ten years.

Atomic Insights, August 9, 2022

The Power Hungry Podcast: Elizabeth Muller

Elizabeth Muller is the CEO of Deep Isolation, a Berkeley-based company that seeks to resolve America’s nuclear waste challenge by using technology borrowed from the oil and gas business. In this episode, she explains why the waste issue must be solved before the nuclear sector can have a full renaissance, why Deep Isolation must have success overseas before it succeeds here, the advantages of using boreholes instead of a mined repository (think Yucca Mountain), and why, when it comes to nuclear, “the world has shifted over the past six months.”

This is the second Atomic Show featuring Liz Muller. While reviewing some of the basics of her company and their technological solutions, this show focused more on providing an update of activities and progress made since April of 2020.

Doug Parsons interviews Deep Isolation CEO Liz Muller about why there’s a critical need for innovation in nuclear waste disposal, covering topics such as social responsibility (ESG) and how solving the nuclear waste issue can play a role in helping to address climate change.

In this episode of My Nuclear Life, hosts Shelly Lesher and Lexie Weghorn sit down with Elizabeth Muller, co-founder and executive director of the environmental science non-profit, Berkeley Earth, and CEO of Deep Isolation, a first of its kind company offering innovative solutions to the challenges facing the nuclear waste storage and disposal industry. 

SmithWeekly Research, December 15, 2020

SmithWeekly Research: Discussion with Elizabeth Muller

Elizabeth Muller of nuclear waste storage disposal solutions company Deep Isolation talks about her industry experience, why she co-founded Deep Isolation, her view on energy, and more. Liz covers the company structure, paths to cash flow, deployment steps, ESG work, partnering, nuclear utility relations, investors, and overall strategy.

Futurize, July 30, 2020

Futurize: The Future of Nuclear Waste

Futurist and author Trond Arne Undheim interviews Elizabeth Muller, CEO and co-founder of Deep Isolation, the nuclear waste disposal startup, which she has founded together with renowned physicist Richard Muller, who is also her father. 

Titans for Nuclear, June 02, 2020

Titans for Nuclear

This video interview was film at an earlier date: CEO Elizabeth Muller is a guest on the Titans for nuclear podcast with Jadwiga Najder.

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