In a story by Jeff Brady of NPR, Deep Isolation is featured as a private company offering a viable plan for permanent storage of nuclear waste. Part of a special series, Environment and Energy Collaborative, the story details the congressional debate about what to do with the country’s growing inventory of nuclear waste.

World Nuclear News, January 18, 2019

US company demonstrates innovative waste disposal concept

Berkeley, California-based private company Deep Isolation has successfully placed and then retrieved a prototype nuclear waste canister hundreds of metres underground via a borehole, in a test the company described as the first of its kind.

SpentFUEL, December 14, 2018

Deep Isolation Completes Equipment Test

The December 14, 2018 issue of SpentFUEL reported the Deep Isolation statement about our successful equipment test of placing a mock disposal canister into an existing horizontal drillhole. Read the article with a subscription to SpentFUEL.