Radwaste Solutions Fall Issue 2019, August 27, 2019

Deep Isolation: A Path to Progress

Taking a page from Silicon Valley, the startup company Deep Isolation hopes to fast-track a new nuclear waste storage and disposal technology. A subscription is required to read this publication.

Nuclear Intelligence Weekly, August 23, 2019

Waste: Horizontal Drilling — Will It Work for Nuclear Waste?

Jessica Sondgeroth reports on California-based Deep Isolation, in partnership with Bechtel, believes that as a private-sector venture it can do better than the government in persuading local communities about the benefits of the approach. Adding the company would have to show that the geological formations selected for drillholes “have been isolated for millions of years.” said Muller. A subscription is required to read this publication.

CEO Money, August 6, 2019

CEO Money Interview Liz Muller

Liz Muller made an encore appearance on CEO Money, hosted by Michael Yorba on August, 7th 2019 to discuss Deep Isolation’s innovative approach to solving the nuclear waste problem. Liz gave updates on the company’s technological demonstration at the beginning of the year, as well as the company’s new MOU with Bechtel.